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Check if your data has been scammed due to leaks in different services

By phone number, we place orders in online stores and other sites, and by email we send important files and documents. If scammers gain access to the database of these sites, scammers will have your data: they will try to steal information, passwords and money. To protect yourself, we advise you to regularly check whether your data has been leaked, as well as change passwords regularly. With login details for these services, attackers will be able to steal accounts, extort or steal money. Regular checking of data in leaks will allow you to change your password in a timely manner and get ahead of scammers.

Where does @Quick OSINT bot get data from?

The Quick Osint service receives data from open government and commercial sources, taxi registries, large banks, insurance companies and others. We also collect information from the most popular search engines (Google, Yandex, Duckduckgo, Bing, TOR search) using specially designed search queries.

How to use the service?

Go to Telegram, start the bot @Quick OSINT bot and send it a phone number or email.


The service will scan available leaks and find passwords, social networks, instant messengers, phones, groups, cars, passports, TIN, SNILS that got into them, how the number is written in the phone books of other people, advertisements and much more. The service will also show information about Bitcoin wallets and IP addresses.
The service also has a WIKI section, which contains a catalog of current services, sites, registries for additional independent search for information in open sources (enter the /wiki command in the bot).


Service find information by:

Phone number

Shows who actually uses this number


Shows how the owner of the mail is recorded, his passwords and social networks


Shows what the owner of the desired number uses for communication

Social networks

Checking social accounts


We will analyze the friends of the VK user and the cities of their residence


Shows public messages of the VK user


We will find information on the state number of the car or its VIN


Display public information about the wallet and show its transactions

Site / IP

Shows information about the site owner and IP address


We will find ads on sales sites, and also show how their author called himself


Find profiles in social networks by photo


We have collected for you hundreds of links to services and registers to search for information from open sources,
use our Wiki (enter /wiki in the bot)

Geography of the service

Our service aggregates information for all countries located on the territory of the post-Soviet space

Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan


Free access


Inquiries available 0


Search by photo no

One-time requests


Inquiries available


Search by photo no

Premium 30

Validity 30 days

Inquiries available


Search by photo yes

Premium 180

Validity 180 days

Inquiries available


Search by photo yes

Premium 360

Validity 360 days

Inquiries available


Search by photo yes


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